Move over Kris Jenner!

Whoopi Goldberg has set her sights on the world of family reality television and she’s bringing her brood along for the ride. She has a daughter, three grandchildren and recently became a great-grandmother along with being married and divorced three times. All the stuff that successful shoes are made of.

The Oscar winner plans to develop her very own Kardashian-esque show centering around her daughter Alex Martin, 40. Martin has three children who are now in their teens and 20s and, according to, the docu-series aims to follow her as she reinvents herself personally and professionally with the help of her husband, Bernard, and their best friends.

Whoopi says, “I wanted to tell the story of two best friends who experience all of the major phases of a woman’s life together. Alex and Leisa have been friends since they were 17 and are both children of famous people, and are now approaching 40.”

She added: “My daughter just became a grandmother and her daughter just turned 24 and they are just trying to figure their lives out.”

“This is really the story of an all-American family for a new generation; it looks a little different than the storybooks, but it’s filled with love and laughter.”

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