Hollywood probably wouldn't even write it this way, fearing the audience would not believe it.

Police say the road rage began, when a motorcycle driver felt he was cut off by a car.  He allegedly followed the vehicle, making obscene gestures.

The driver -- not wanting the motorcyclist to follow him home -- pulled off over.  That led to a fistfight, which required others to break up.

The motorcycle driver fled the scene before police arrived.

Later, the same suspect -- now driving a truck -- pulled up at the second driver's Herriman home.  Authorities have no idea how he learned where the man lives.

There he reportedly broke a window out of the house, with a pipe.

Police say that's when the homeowner pointed a gun at the suspect, and ordered him off the property.

Police are searching for the man now...and say the second driver's family is living in fear, wondering whether he will return to escalate the incident even further.