Why do we have daylight savings time? What's the Point?

Aaron - Salt Lake City

Daylight Savings Time was originally created in Germany back in 1916. Times were different then. They were trying to curb use of incandescent lighting which was a primary use of electricity. Times have changed yet it still continues. Today... it just allows us to take advantage of longer sunshine hours. 

In my opinion... They are taking an hour from my life in the spring and giving it back to me in the fall. I have no idea what condition that hour will be in when I get it back. I hope it doesn't come back wrinkled or stained. 

My husband snores and I can't sleep because of it. Do you have any advice because I'm starting to lose my mind from lack of sleep.

Angie - Spanish Fork

Weight Loss is one thing that leaps to mind. Sometimes being overweight increases the snoring that you do. Not all cases because skinny people also can snore. A sleep study isn't a bad idea. Sleep Apnea is a concern and if that's the case... A CPAP can control the snoring. The easiest idea is to insist that he gets a night job so he sleeps during the day.

Baseball Season is almost here! Who is going to win the World Series?

Jason - Provo

Many things happen during a baseball season that influence who wins and who doesn't and overall team talent doesn't always guarantee victory. Baseball is full of intangibles that are hard to put your finger on. 

The prediction that I'm fairly confident in making is that my favorite team will not win it. That happens every year without fail!!!