If you were President, how would you handle the situation in Crimea? 

Bonnie - Spanish Fork

I've read "The Charge of the Light Brigade". It was based on the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean war. Crimea is the location of the "Valley of Death" that the six hundred rode into. I think we should stay out of Crimea. Let Russia have it and I think we should claim Kiev just to keep up with the Jones-anovs. Chicken Kiev is wonderful.    

How will my beloved BYU do in the NCAA Men's Tourney?

Jim - Provo

BYU has had a good year and they certainly deserve this.

BYU faces #33 ranked Oregon in the 1st round.

If they get past Oregon... They could be looking at a matchup with #12 Ranked Wisconsin.

If They get past Wisconsin... They could be looking at a matchup with #16 Ranked Creighton...

If they get past Creighton... They could be looking at a matchup with #4 Ranked Arizona.

If they get past Arizona... They could be looking at a matchup with #2 Ranked Wichita State.

If they get past Wichita State... They could be looking at a Championship matchup with #1 Ranked Florida.

I think the chances are pretty good. Go BYU!!! Umm... And Go... Weber State.