I like golf but the game takes so long to play. I'm getting busier and busier and that makes it harder and harder to get a game in and I find myself golfing less than I use to. Do you have any advice for a guy just trying to keep playing. 

Jon - Provo

The easy answer is to spend less time fixing windows and spend less time with your wife and kids. Golf officials are actually looking into this problem. Over 5 Million have left the sport in the past decade. They are talking about increasing the size of the hole. How big? They are talking about basketball sized holes. By doing so they figure that they will cut one hour of time and of course lower scores in the process. I would imagine that Gimme's would increase to anything on the green.  

My 8 year old son has me worried. I was watching him eat a chocolate Easter bunny. He ate the ears first and he asked it if it could hear him and he would laugh in a creepy kind of way. Is this behavior something I should be concerned about?

Barb - Ogden

I don't think so... Eating the ears first is quite common. Research says that 89% of all Americans eat the ears first. Yes... they research that stuff. Talking to an ear-less bunny is just fine for a child with an active imagination. Myself... I'm one of the 11%... I eat the feet first. I feel that makes sense because I don't want it to run away.