Eli the Ape was right again. The Hogle Zoo resident has correctly predicted the Superbowl every year since 2006 and not only can he swing from stuff with ease... He knows football. Eli makes the Groundhog look like a silly tradition. 6 More months of Winter!!! Where? In Pennsylvania? In New Zealand? Everywhere? What kind of geographical boundry does the Groundhog have? Does his shadow influence Pluto? Eli knows his boundary and executes within it with perfection.    

As for the game... It was over 12 seconds into it. Seattle was hitting on all cyclinders and the Broncoes were hitting on no cylinders at all. I didn't mind Seattle winning but the game was a disapointment.

The Commercials were not that great either. Just like the game... A couple of interesting moments and that was about it.

I truly enjoyed two parts of the festivities. The Halftime performance was one of the best in years and Joe Namath and his pre-mature flipping of the coin was priceless. Joe was given the coin and he stepped up and flipped it before the team could call heads or tails.  

I only wish the head official... Instead of catching it in the air and starting over... I wish he would have let it drop and said... "It's Tails... OK... Seattle you're the visiting team... You get to call it".