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Meredith And AJ In The Morning

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Meredith and AJ have been married for 14 years and have a combined 29+ years of radio experience, with 18 of those years on Utah’s airwaves. They both grew up in Illinois and have been living in Utah since 2004. They have 2 children, Lilly (12) and Brady (10) that keep them busy and on their toes.

You might catch this pair on a motorcycle checking out the magnificent Utah scenery. While AJ does the driving, Meredith is in charge of the destination. You might also find them chowing down on some fantastic grub and polishing off a plate of shrimp at Market Street Grill in downtown SLC. As flatlanders by birth, they LOVE the outdoors in Utah.

Meredith is an avid Survivor, The Bachelor, and Amazing Race fan. She can polish off a good James Patterson novel in a weekend and can recite the movie Dumb and Dumber forwards and backwards. AJ gives her a hard time about being older than him, but she says, “If you can’t find a good man, raise one.”

AJ is a tournament bowler and pitches for the Utah Yankees AABL 35+ team. He’s the first to admit he married WAY up. He also takes credit for getting Meredith hooked on Dumb and Dumber.

Join these two on their quest to liven up your mornings with Salt Lake’s Greatest Hits and conversation that demonstrates that a little ribbing is the key to any happy marriage.


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