Did you know that Die Hard, was originally a novel called Nothing Lasts Forever? Nothing Lasts Forever was published in the late '70s, and went out of print before the movie adaptation was released almost a decade later.

die hard

Here are some other movies you might not have known were based on books:


- The film rights for Jaws were sold before the book was published, and the subsequent hype made it a bestseller. Author Peter Benchley later becale an ocean conservationist, spurred by the guilt he felt for perpetuating a negative stereotype towards sharks.

- Cool Hand Luke was written in 1965 by Don Pearce -- the film adaptation came out just two years later.


- Father of the Bride starred Elizabeth Taylor before it starred Steve Martin. The first movie was based on a 1949 satirical novel by Edward Streeter.


- Some fairly major changes were made to the film adaptation of Forrest Gump. For starters, author Winston Groom said he pictured John Goodman as the lead.


- William Peter Blatty wrote both the 1971 novel and the 1973 movie adaptation of The Exorcist.

- Planet of the Apes was first a book called La Planète des singes in 1963, 5 years before the first film adaptation.

- Robert Bloch wrote Psycho in 1959, and Alfred Hitchcock directed the adaptation one year later.

- Gordon Buford wrote Car, Boy, Girl in 1961. 7 years later, the film Herbie the Love Bug was born.

- Homeward Bound is a remake of the wordless '63 film The Incredible Journey, which was based on a novel by Sheila Burnford.

- The Amityville Horror film franchise is not only based on a book published in the '70s, but the book is based on allegedly true events.