I have a 7 and 9 year old and they're both involved in sports. Soccer, baseball, softball, karate and my son will start football this fall. Most parents at our games are encouraging, but a few just need to settle down and enjoy watching their kids learn the game.

My Dad sent me this article and I think every parent with kids in sports should read it.




- See more at: http://fulleryouthinstitute.org/blog/the-only-six-words-parents-need-to-say-to-their-kids-about-sportsor-any-per#sthash.9adtUc0P.dpuf


Researchers asked college athletes what their parents said that made them feel great and brought them joy when they played sports. Want to know the six words they most want to hear their parents say?

“I love to watch you play.”

(Photo by Greg Westfall)