You're an honest person right?  Yeah, me too, but there are some things that almost all of us have stolen at one time or another.  How many of these things are you guilty of:

1) Pens.  It's so bad, at Doctor's offices that actually tie them to clipboards.

2) A spot in line.  Isn't that kind of like stealing another person's TIME.

3) Something from a hotel room.  The used soap and shampoo they want you to take, because they'll just toss it.  But what about towels and other assorted Hotel things.

4) Lighters.  I guess this one applies to smokers.

5) Condiments, straws and napkins.  Ever taken a ketchup packet or a few extra napkins or how about some extra spoons.

And I want to add another one to the list.

6 (Bonus) Copy machine copies.  Ever used the office copy machine for personal stuff?  Yeah me either.