Father's Day Musical Chairs 2023

Valley Fair Mall

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we all know how competitive fathers can be! Now is the chance to put that competitive spirit to good use at the ultimate Musical Chairs show-down on Saturday, June 10th at Valley Fair Mall 

Forty people will be randomly selected to participate at the Father’s Day Musical Chairs event hosted by 94.1 KODJ’s Meredith 

The last dad standing – well sitting – will receive a brand new Grill and a $250 Gift Card! 

The runner up will receive $250 Gift Card. 

Plus Prizes from Cherry Hill Water Park and Valley Fair! 


10 People can still qualify onsite the day of on Saturday, June 10th from 11A-NOON at Valley Fair. 


94.1 KODJ’s Father’s Day Musical Chairs hosted by Meredith 

Date: Saturday, June 10th 2023 from 12P-2PM 

Location: Valley Fair Mall 

Address: 3601 S. 2700 W. West Valley City, Utah