Good News (1/26) - Bucket List Dream Being Fulfilled for Utah Woman

(Lehi) - Melanie was diagnosed with stage four terminal breast cancer.  After her diagnosis she created a bucket list and the number 1 item on the list was to attend a North Carolina and Duke men's basketball game.  Melanie listed the item as a joke because she knows it's nearly impossible to get tickets to that game. 

Melanie loves basketball and played at BYU. When her former BYU coach heard about her bucket list he reached out to Duke and they responded.  The Duke coach said, "We read your letter, we cried.  It's no problem whatsoever. We will do this for her."

The BYU basketball team invited Melanie to a game and afterwards into the locker room where they surprised her with the news she would be going to the game.  The BYU sports department covered the rest of the trip too!  The men's basketball players donated money for plane tickets for her and her husband, the coaches donated money to cover the hotel, the women's players donated money for spending cash.

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