Good News (1/30) - Store Owner Spends 4 Years Searching for Owner of Lost Box

(Minnesota) - Randy is the owner of a UPS store and has seen many packages returned because of incorrect information. There was one box that stood out to him. The box became stranded at his store because the recipient no longer lived and the address and the sender was nowhere to be found.

Randy spent the next 4 years searching for the owner of the box. He sent over 40 Facebook messages trying to locate a family member of the box’s recipient and eventually his persistence paid off when he found the rightful owner, Tim.

Turns out the box an American flag from Tim’s father’s funeral, letters from Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, poems, photographs, and letters the man had written during his military career. Tim’s father had served in the Navy and passed away from cancer three decades earlier. Tim was ecstatic and said receiving the package was priceless!

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