Fisher: Amy Stevenson Wilson, My Friend

Thursday morning's apparent road racing crash on 300 West was one of those horrors that took on great personal meaning when I learned on Friday that the pregnant woman hit head on was my family's longtime friend, Amy Stevenson Wilson. I taught Amy in church when she was a teenager. She attended school with and is a friend to my kids. She worked with my wife, Julie, on some special projects in her 20s. Amy has been described as having a "300 watt" smile as you see in the picture. Her incredible kindness and basic decency cannot be understated. She is a friend to all she meets. She and her baby are now in a fight for life and quality of life. Please remind your teens of the incredible responsibility they take on when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The number of people this has impacted is incalculable when you consider the friends and families of the drivers and the two young men killed as well as the Stevensons and Wilsons. How entirely avoidable and unnecessary all of this all was. God bless everyone impacted. Fisher


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