Good News (3/3) - Bikers Transport Marine's Ashes Home

USMC Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner served the United States for 17 years as a Marine which included seven tours of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Sadly, he recently passed away in California due to combat-related issues. His mother, who lives in Georgia, couldn't afford the cost of traveling to the west coast to retrieve his ashes so his ashes would have to be shipped home.

That didn't sit well with the Patriot Guard riders, a biker organization whose members attend funerals of military, firefighters, and police. So they stepped up by creating a caravan and personally escorted Turner's remains all the way across the country, an operation that required hundreds of volunteers and thousands of riding miles.

Each time the remains were turned over to another group of riders, a ceremony was held to pay their respects for the fallen warrior.

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