Good News (3/9) - East High School Opens Laundry Facility for Homeless Students

(Salt Lake City) - East High School is transforming two old locker rooms into a washroom and shower facility for their homeless students.  The locker rooms are getting fresh paint, a washing machine and clothes dryer, lockers with donated clothing and a shower with red and white tile to match the school’s colors.  The facilities should open this month. 

There are at least 80 homeless students that attend the school.  Some of the students sleep on the streets at times, but most couch surf or live in and out of different homes.  The school boundaries go from Hogle Zoo to the Salt Lake International Airport and 64% of the student body are considered low income.  The new washroom is not limited to homeless students any student who feels a need to use the facility is more than welcome.  All of the supplies such as the new washing machines and dryers, the towels, soap, shampoo and detergent came from community donations.

The school also has a new food pantry and clothing center for students in need.

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