Good News (3/10) - 8-Year-Old Saves Dad While Working on a Car Together

(Idaho) - 8-year-old JT was working on a car with his dad, Stephen, and 17-year-old brother, Mason.  They were working on pulling the engine out of the car.  Mason accidentally cut his hand and went into the house to take care of it.    Stephen climbed under the car to take the axles off when the car fell on him. 

Stephen was barely able to breathe but yelled to JT, "Quick get to the other side of the car and jack it up quick."  JT weighs only 50 pounds but started jumping up and down on the jack.  It took about 15 minutes, but JT was able to raise the car enough to help his father breathe and they were able to call for help. 

Stephen had 13 broken ribs but luckily no internal damage.  Once they were back at home the family asked JT to jack the car up again.  This time he wasn't able to do, his weight and strength weren't enough to lift the car.  They asked JT how did you do it the day the car fell?  JT replied, "Angels."

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