Good News (3/31) - 2 Different Kids Save Their Mom's Lives

(Washington) - Nine-year-old Camdyn came home from school and found his mother, Kimberly, suffering from chest pains and having trouble breathing. She told Camdyn that she wanted to go take a nap, but he insisted that she go to the hospital. 

Kimberly didn’t feel a hospital visit was necessary and just wanted to sleep. Camdyn went and got his shoes and coat on and told his mom that they needed to go. She finally agreed to go and when they got to the doctor they found a pulmonary embolism, blood clots in her lungs.

The doctors said that if Kimberly had taken that nap she may never have woken up.

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(London) - Four-year-old Roman was not able to wake his mom up, so he grabbed her cell phone and used Siri to call for help. He even knew that he had to use her thumb to unlock the phone! Help arrived within 13 minutes and got the Roman’s mom to the hospital. The mom has been discharged from the hospital.

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