These Words Have Been Added to the Dictionary just added 300 new words to their catalog. Here are a few of them.

  • Clicktivism - the use of the Internet to organize and promote political or social causes and movements, as through postings on social media, email campaigns, and online petitions
  • Dabbing - the act of performing a dance move that involves posing with one’s nose in the crook of a bent elbow at chest level while extending the other arm to the side at or above shoulder level, often as a celebratory posture in sports or other competitions
  • Dad bod - informal; a man’s physique that is slightly overweight or flabby but still attractive
  • Friendiversary - the yearly recurrence of the date that two or more people first became friends
  • Hangry - slang; feeling irritable or irrationally angry as a result of being hungry
  • Man bun - a man’s hair gathered into a bun at the back or top of the head

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