Good News (4/21) - Woman Starts Group to Provide Free Birthday Parties

(Pittsburgh) – In 2011, Megan was working with a youth program when she heard of a girl named Beverly who had never celebrated her birthday or had a birthday cake.  Megan was heartbroken and wanted to do something to make sure no kid ever had to miss a birthday party again.

Megan started a non-profit called Beverly’s Birthdays.  They provide free birthday parties with cakes, party favors, and even presents, for kids who are poor, homeless, or live in shelters.  Beverly’s Birthdays throws about 120 parties a year with more than 2,000 guests.  They even work with the food bank to send home “birthdays-in-a-bag” complete with cake mix, balloons, and candles, so they can celebrate as a family.

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