UPDATE: Bachelor Chris Soules Arrested in Fatal Crash

UPDATE (4/26) Chris Soules called 911 at the scene of the crash before leaving.  He told dispatcher there was an accident with a tractor and a vehicle and says the tractor driver was injured and unconscious after being thrown into a ditch.   Soules checked the victim's pulse and told the dispatcher he felt it. He  also said the man was bleeding from his mouth. 

The dispatcher asks if anyone could administer CPR. Someone is performing CPR but it's unclear if it was Soules. It's apparent from the 911 call there were others present when the call was made, and they  were the ones who saw Soules leave the scene.

Here's the 911 call.



TMZ is reporting that 'Bachelor' Chris Soules is in custody after fleeing the scene of an accident where he allegedly crashed into a tractor trailer, killing the driver.  Chris was driving a Chevy pickup when he rear ended a John Deere tractor trailer which caused it to go into a ditch. The driver of the tractor trailer was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he died.  

Chris Soules was "The Bachelor" for Season 19 in 2015.  He was booked on leaving the scene with a death.

And this isn’t his first run in with the law. Chris already has 13 charges against him for various vehicle-related activities such as driving under the influence, driving with an open container of alcohol, failure to maintain control of a vehicle, running a stop sign, and quite a few for speeding.

Source: TMZ



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