Good News (4/27) - Mom & 6 Sons Donate 17 Feet of Their Hair

(New York) – Phoebe has 7 kids her oldest is 10-year-old Andre; then 8-year-old identical twins, Silas and Emerson; 5-year-old fraternal triplets, Herbie, Reed and Dexter; and a 2-year-old daughter named Marah Taylor.  Phoebe and her 6 sons grew their hair out to donate in memory of a friend they lost to cancer.  The boys have been teased a lot for their long hair, but handled it well knowing they're helping others in need.

The family visited a local salon, to have their hair cut. In total, they donated 17 feet of hair to Children with Hair Loss.  The salon cut the family’s hair for free after learning they were planning to donate it. 

The family is already planning their next donation since the youngest, Marah, wants to donate but wasn’t able to this time.

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