Good News (4/28) - Officer Hands Out Gift Cards

(Missouri) - Officer Ed Schlueter with St. Louis County Police Department keeps gift cards on hand to give out to people he feels are down on their luck and he calls it “compassion in his pocket.”

It started with a fun giveaway during the holidays, when Officer Schlueter posted photos of local homes decorated with Christmas lights on his Facebook page, asking locals to vote for their favorite. He promised Dominos pizzas for the winner and when the pizza chain heard about it, they sent him gift cards to hand out.

And then the winner of the Christmas light contest gave him $100 to pass out in the community, so he bought gift cards for gas stations and grocery stores in $5 and $10 amounts to give away to people in need. He’s used his own money to buy more and people have started sending him money after hearing about his giveaways.

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