Good News (6/26) - Man Hears Daughter's Donated Heart Beat Again

Bill suddenly lost his 20-year-old daughter, Abbey, after a tragic pool accident. As a way to honor Abbey he planned to ride his bike 2,600 miles from his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to spread awareness about organ donation.  

He contacted the center that handled Abbey's donations and asked them to reach out to the organ recipients and see if they'd be interested in meeting with him.  Only one recipient responded, the man who received Abbey's heart, Loumonth Jack, Jr.

At 21, Loumonth had suffered a heart attack and was given about 10 days to live when he received Abbey's heart.  During his meeting with Abbey's dad he pulled out a stethoscope to let Bill listen to Abbey's heart again.  He even made a recording of his heart beating so that Bill can continue to listen to Abbey's heart while he rides!

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