Good News (6/27) - Couple Adopts 88 Special Needs Children Over 4 Decades

Michael & Camille are a doctor & nurse who are married and have adopted 88 children with special needs over the last four decades.

While working in the hospital in 1986, Camille would spend countless nights holding hands and reading to kids that were abandoned and critically ill.  When doctors would say there was nothing more they could do for the kids Camille would take the kids home knowing the kids were not expected to live.  However; many of the kids did make it through.  Camille & Michael raised many of the kids from infants.

Michael passed away from mesothelioma cancer (more info on mesothelioma: in 2016, but Camille continuing the Possible Dream Foundation she and her husband stated.  They help others on how to care for individuals with special needs.

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