Good News (7/5) - Strangers Buy Car for Man Who Walks to Work

(Rockwall, Texas) – One day while driving Andy noticed a man walking in the 95 degree heat wearing a fast food uniform. He assumed he was probably heading to work and asked the man if he’d like a ride to get out of the heat. The man agreed.

While driving Andy started talking with the man named Justin. He found out Justin works at the fast food restaurant, but doesn’t own a car so he walks 3 miles to work and back home every day.

Andy decided to help Justin out and asked people to help donate to buy Justin a car on social media within 48 hours he raised over $5,500 and a local pizza shop donated some money also. Andy surprised Justin with the car, but was able to do even more with the donated money.  He also paid for Justin's car insurance for a year, plus two years' worth of oil changes and a $500 gas card!

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