Man Being Arrested Decides to Propose?!

(Oklahoma) - Brandon was arrested on multiple felony warrants, but after being put in handcuffs, he asked if he could propose to his girlfriend before being taken away.  The arresting officers agreed and moved his handcuffs in front of him so he could put the ring on his girlfriend’s finger.

Brandon’s girlfriend, said yes!   Later on, she bailed him out of jail and they plan on setting a wedding date after all of his legal troubles are settled.

Source: ABC 11

The video is almost 10 minutes long, here's some of the funny parts... 

1:50 – Starts talking proposal and gets down on one knee, but doesn’t put the ring on her finger until about 3:30

1:33 – The officer says, “Hey, that grill is on fire over there!”  Around 2:30 a woman in the background is hosing off the grill.  The officer says, “I don’t why she hosed it like that, just move the meat!”

2:05 – One police officer says, “I’m going to Facebook this.  He’s going to propose to her.”  A second officer says, “Are you kidding?”

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