Meredith & AJ's Puppy Journal

Entry #3: August 7

We've bought our new puppy Jasmine a lot of new toys, but all she wants is this plastic cup?!  Watch her get downright violent with this thing.


Entry #2: July 18

Well, the first couple days were a little rough and we've already scheduled a carpet cleaner to come to the house, but little Jasmine is a bundle of joy and we just love her!  She's already sleeping through the night in her kennel and sits on command for her favorite toy or treat.  The kids are doing really well with potty training her and she has AJ wrapped around her little paw. 


Entry #1: July 13

Sooooooooo... we took the kids to get shaved ice last night and came home with a new family member.  We just couldn't resist the look on this little girl's face, her name is Jasmine.  We're not sure how our cat, who has ruled our home for 10 years now, is going to react.  We're pretty sure our kids will get tired of picking up poop pretty quickly, but there's no going back now!  We're officially "dog" people.


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