Eclipse Glasses Handed Out By Local Business Recalled

If you got your eclipse viewing glasses from John A. Moran Eye Center - DO NOT USE THEM!  The eye center was contacted by Amazon (where they purchased the glasses) that they had “not received confirmation from the supplier that the items had been sourced from a recommended manufacturer.  We recommend that you do not use this product to view the sun or the eclipse.”

Source: SL Tribune

Glasses that are acceptable for viewing the eclipse must be marked with ISO 12312-2.

Clark Planetarium still has glasses available at their store.  They will also be selling them on Monday, August 21 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at the SLC Main Library, Wheeler Farm, and the Gateway Plaza Fountains.

Also, if you have a Welder’s mask with glass that has a number 14 filter or greater that is suitable for viewing the eclipse.

Here's how to make Cereal Box Eclipse Viewer



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