Good News (9/13) - Store Surprises Man Who Gave Last Generator to Stranger

(Florida) - Pam heard a Lowe's 30 miles from her home had received a surprise shipment of generators.   Pam's dad is on oxygen and desperately needed a generator to make it through the hurricane.  So Pam rushed to the store.  When Pam got to the Lowe's she noticed a man standing in line had the last one.  Pam broke down in tears knowing she wasn't going to be able get a generator.  The man in line, Ramon, saw how upset she was and insisted she take the generator.

Lowe’s manager, Melissa noticed what had taken place and got Ramon’s information to call him when the next shipment of generators came in.  When the generators came in Ramon went to Lowe’s to get his and the store gave it to him for free as a way to say thank you for his generosity to Pam.

Source: Sunny Skyz



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