Good News (9/18) - 14-Year-Old will Receive Late Father's Car

In 2003, 1st Lt. Jonathan Rozier was killed in Iraq and left behind his wife Jessica and a 9-month-old son, Justin. Jessica had to sell her late husband's car to make ends meet.

Fast forward to today and Justin is 14 and living in Texas. His mom, Jessica asked him if he would like his dad's old car, a 1999 Toyota Celica GT convertible,  for his first car if they could locate it.  She began her search and with the help of others and social media they have been able to track it down. The car is owned by a man named Jorge from Pleasant Grove. When he heard who wanted to buy the car he knew he had to sell it to them. A GoFundMe page was set up to purchase the car and help with repairs. Justin will receive the car for his birthday!

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