Have You Been To These Haunted Places In Utah?

Apparently there are lots of creepy things happening in Layton, Utah.  Check out this list of haunted places. 

  • Hobbs Hollow - walk along Kays Creek Parkway and you'll come to a hollow surrounded by trees. It's said that several people have drowned in Hobbs Reservoir over the years, when the water suddenly became turbulent and swallowed them up. If you hike in the early evening, or when it's foggy out, you might hear people screaming for help.
  • Hill Air Force Base - several buildings at Hill Air Force Base are said to have paranormal activity. Some visitors at the museum say that they've seen a ghostly specter who disappears into thin air. Servicemen claim that one of the mechanics buildings is haunted by a spirit who closes doors and moves items around.
  • Camelot Park - this tiny park in Layton covers just 2.6 acres, but some say it's home to an evil presence. Visitors report laughter and footsteps after dark here.
  • Bell Printing - an employee who once worked here reported that he experienced several scary incidents with a spirit who touched his hair and brushed against him in the hallways.
  • Layton Hills Mall - stories of weird activity in the middle of the night are common at Layton Hills Mall. Employees at many stores report that potted plants in the mall are dug up overnight. Some say that they've seen ghostly figures walking down the mall corridors after closing time; others report hearing noises that leave chills running up their spines.
  • Layton Cemetery - like most cemeteries, the Lindquist Memorial Park Cemetery in Layton has plenty of ghost stories. Visitors here report seeing orbs around certain headstones, and some even claim to have seen the ghost of a young girl wandering around or sitting under one of the trees here.
  • Gentile - A drive down Gentile Street along the south edge of the Valley View Golf Course is usually a pleasant experience... unless its dark, on an overcast night. Drivers report seeing a lone man walking down a quiet portion of this road. As they approach, he turns toward them and appears to be screaming, though no sound is heard. Then, he vanishes into thin air.

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Source: Only In Your State

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