Good News (10/30) - Stranger Gives Barber New Shop to Help Homeless

(Philadelphia) – Brennon, 29, started "Haircuts 4 the Homeless" about one year ago and now spends a lot of his time giving free haircuts to the homeless, usually on the street. As Brennon’s story spead a man named Sean heard what he does for the homeless. Even though Sean didn’t know Brennon, he reached out to him. Sean had a a fully-renovated, barber shop and asked Brennon to come check it out. When Brennon came to the shop Sean asked him if he liked it. Brennon said 'yeah I like it' and Sean tossed him the keys and said it’s yours!

Brennon says the shop will open in November and will have set days to give free haircuts to the homeless.

Source: Sunny Skyz



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