Good News (11/2) - Store Manager Helps in a Big Way

Aimee wanted to turn her son’s wheelchair into a police car for Halloween this year. She called her local Home Depot and talked to Valerie, a manager, who agreed to hold a refrigerator box for the costume.  Once Aimee got to the store, Valerie got down on the floor to cut the box so it would fit into their car. Then she walked around the store with Aimee and her special needs son, helping them find every single thing they needed to make the perfect police car costume. Valerie even walked them to the checkout line and that’s when she insisted on paying the bill herself.

Valerie & Home Depot have offered to bring their Saturday kit workshops to the 2 special needs classrooms at Aimee’s son’s school to give special needs kids an opportunity to participate in their workshops. 

Source: Shareably


Meredith has a friend who’s son is in a wheelchair. Check out these costumes she has made!

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