Good News (11/9) - Our Latest Kid to Kid Making a Difference Winner

The latest winner of our Kids Making a Difference campaign with Kid to Kid is 8-year old Nevaeh. She’ll be rewarded with $100 to continue her community efforts and $100 for herself. Here’s the nomination email we received.

I would love to nominate my sweet little cousin Nevaeh. She is only 8 years old and she has a heart of gold. This little girl wears her heart on her shoulder and genuinely enjoys helping people. About a month ago we were in downtown Salt Lake and we drove past the homeless shelter. She asked why those people were sleeping outside. I explained to her that they were homeless and they have major struggles. I reminded her to be so thankful for the life she lives, that she has food, shelter and loved ones. I could tell she really listened to me. Well last week she decided that she wanted to make goodie bags for the homeless (completely her idea).she decided to go door to door around the neighborhood asking for donations of any kind. She had a cute little wagon to carry everything. She came home with bags of clothes, toys, and tons of food. I couldn't believe my eyes. She separated everything equally and went to the family shelter in midvale. She hand delivered the bags to the families in need. For only being 8 years old she truly amazes me. She will make a difference in this world. 

You can nominate someone here.


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