Good News (11/14) - 5-year-old Re-payed for Kindness

(Michigan) - 5-year-old Sunshine wanted to make sure that all of the kids in her kindergarten class had money for milk so she emptied her piggy bank to donate all of the money she had. Sunshine had been saving up to buy a snowmobile, but decided it was more important to make sure all of her friends had milk to drink during snacktime. Sunshine lives with her grandma and when she found out why Sunshine was taking the money to school she wanted to help Sunshine with even more money. Grandma set up a GoFundMe and raised over $13,000!

As Sunshine's story spread it caught the attention of Arctic Cat. The company decided to repay Sunshine for her kindness. They gave Sunshine a snowmobile. They also brought a $5,000 check to donate to the milk money fund and gave winter gear for the students at the school. The $18,000 that was raised is enough money for the class to have free milk for the rest of the year and will even last for other classes for many more years.

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