Behind the Scenes with Meredith & AJ

Not all of these are family friendly! 

Apparently Producer JC has been keeping a list all year of things we say in the studio.  She gifted us the list this morning and we have zero explanation for most of these.  Enjoy!

  • Meredith: Can you go put my earring in the refrigerator?
  • AJ: The cat was in my underwear again.
  • Meredith: I’ll tease what I found in AJ’s pants!
  • Meredith: Sometimes I just don’t have words.
  • AJ: Let me do my butt thing real fast!
  • Meredith: *BURP* Ow, that hurt!
  • AJ: I can check my balls. They only weigh 45 pounds.
  • Meredith: She looked like a cat with a thermometer stuck in her butt.
  • AJ: Ask me later I’ll show you the scar.  Actually I’m surprised you haven’t already seen it.
  • Meredith: I’m funner when I’m drunker!
  • Meredith: He likes to pluck my chin hair.
  • AJ: I don’t buy it…. I’m right!
  • Meredith: Hop on my dingy!
  • AJ: I'm tired of being awesome!
  • Meredith: I lost my meat.
  • Meredith: I’m finding little black hairs everywhere!
  • AJ: I cracked one of my balls last night. (It's a bowling reference.)
  • Meredith: I don’t believe I’ve ever licked your feet.


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