Good News (1/9) - Man Wears T-Shirt Asking for Kidney at Disney

60-year-old Robert has suffered from chronic kidney disease for decades and needed a transplant. He went on vacation with his family to Disney's Magic Kingdom in August and wore a short that said "In Need Of Kidney O Positive Call 917-597-2651."

A stranger came up and asked if she could take a picture of his shirt and share it on social media.  Robert agreed.  The picture spread quickly and was shared over 40,000 times.  Robert started receiving phone calls to help with the kidney and narrowed it down to 5 possible matches to be tested.  One of those people, a man from Indiana named Richie, was a perfect match! 

Robert & Richie plan on visiting Disney after the procedure since that's where all of this magic really got started. 

Source: People

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