2 Utah Men Undercover on A&E Show

There are 2 Utah women competing on the current season of The Bachelor, but there are also 2 Utah men on another show.

A&E Network's "60 Days In" – is a program where law-abiding citizens live among the facility's general population for 60 days to help expose the root of the jail's many problems. Filmed around the clock. The show provides a view of life behind bars, as the volunteers adapt to unfamiliar and terrifying surroundings in order to help the jail eliminate rival gangs, drugs & corruption at the facility.

The father and son from Utah are on the current season (season 4).

Episode 3 airs tomorrow (1/11) at 8:00 p.m.

Source: A&E


Matt worked as a Chaplain at the Utah State Prison.  This program allows him to jump back into the work he left behind.  He currently works as an Adjunct Professor and Hospice Chaplain helping sick patients and their loved ones peacefully transition. Matt is also a former international level boxer & current MMA Trainer and believes he will be able to protect himself if a confrontation were to occur while inside the facility. His only fear is the safety of his son Andrew, but he is confident Andrew will be able to hold his own inside. 

ANDREW (Matt’s Son) 

Andrew served an LDS (Mormon) mission to Brazil and has since traveled to Haiti to teach English.  He is a recent graduate, studying English, Philosophy and Music, and plans to attend graduate school next year with dreams of becoming a professor and writer.  He is joining this program in order to grow and expand himself and experience something completely new. Furthermore, he wants to see the world that his father has been so devoted to throughout his life.

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