Good News (1/10) - Hockey Player Lends Opposing Player his Truck

(Michigan) – Pierre plays hockey for the Milwaukee Admirals.  He got a phone call from his wife at 2 a.m. saying her water broke.  Pierre was desperate to get home from Grand Rapids, Michigan after playing a game there.

Pierre tried everything to get home, but the earliest flight was the next morning and cab drivers didn’t want to drive him because of a looming snow storm.  Pierre explained the situation to his teammate Mark who used to play hockey for the Grand Rapids team they had just played.  Mark suggested he reach out to an old teammate, Tom, to see if Pierre could borrow his car.  Tom agreed and said he wasn't going to need his truck for a couple of days anyway.  Pierre made it to the hospital at 6:15 a.m. His son was born at 6:54.

Source: Sunny Skyz



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