Good News (1/17) - Texas Couple Delivers Food to Those in Need

(San Antonio, Texas) – Joan and her husband Dennis started The Chow Train where they deliver meals to people in need every Tuesday.  Joan & Dennis receive donations from the farmers market, the local Trader Joe’s, and a local catering company which they use to make the meals. They know almost every person they give meals to on a first name basis and even hand out dog food to those who have pets!   Since starting The Chow Train 12 years ago they estimate they’ve served over 100,000 meals!

The Chow Train also helps out in areas that were hit by disasters.  They delivered food to Missouri and Oklahoma after they were hit by tornadoes and went to the Gulf Coast after being hit by Hurricane Harvey.  On their 3rd trip to the Gulf Coast, they didn’t just bring food they also delivered 100 Christmas trees complete with ornaments and lights to help people in the area who had lost everything.

Source: People



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