Good News (1/24) - Dogs Saving People's Lives

(Michigan) - Lonnie and Susan own 2 labradoodles, Adam and Eva.  Early Sunday morning the dogs wouldn't stop tugging on Lonnie's sleeve.  So he got up to let them outside and the dogs ran straight to his truck.   Next to the truck was an elderly woman wearing nothing but a nightgown. Lonnie says the woman looked up at him and said, "I'm so cold."  Lonnie has no idea how long the woman had been there, but he called rescue crews and the woman was eventually reunited with her family.

Source: Sunny Skyz


(New York) - Ronene and her husband are crediting their dog Ruby for saving their lives.  Ruby wouldn't  stop barking for about an hour and a half.  Ronene finally got up to see what was wrong.  Ruby was standing downstairs near a propane heater the family had recently installed.  Ruby had smelled the propane and got Ronene's attention before carbon monoxide poisoning could occur.

Source: Sunny Skyz



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