Good News (1/31) - Double Dose of Football Surprises

A man had purchased Super Bowl tickets hoping to see his team (the Minnesota Vikings) play, but when they didn’t make it he no longer wanted to go. He reached out to a group that helps families in crisis with sick children and asked to donate the tickets.

Cole has battled cancer for years and is huge Eagles fan.  He was given the man’s tickets to the Super Bowl! Cole will never know who gave him the tickets, but is really excited about going to the Super Bowl.

Source: CBS


Gary is a school bus driver and a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.  Some parents decided to raise money to surprise Gary with a trip to the Super Bowl as a way to say thank you for his kindness.  They set up a GoFundMe page and raised over $5,000.  When Gary pulled up to his last stop there was a group of parents and students waiting to surprise him with the tickets.  They raised enough to pay for game tickets, airfare and even got Gary and his wife personalized jerseys!

Source: Fox 9

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