Good News (2/12) - Russian Luger Offers USA Luger his Sled

Before winning the silver medal at the 2018 Olympics,  Chris Mazdzer was in a slump and trying to get back on top.  He hadn't been on a podium since the 2015-2016 season and hadn't been in the top 5 in a singles race yet this season. 

Three weeks ago he posted on social media, "“What kills me and has been driving me wild for over a year now is the fact that no matter what I do my top speed and ability to be with the top guys in the world has disappeared, and I don’t know why...There comes a point where giving it everything you have and believing in yourself starts to fade away and I am almost to that point.”

A Russian luger offered his sled to Chris.  The Russian didn't think he was going to make it to the Olympics and wanted to see if his sled could help someone else out.  In the end, Chris wasn't able to use the Russian's sled because he was too big for it.  It was the thought that meant the most to Chris, lending another luger your sled is like a Nascar driver letting another driver use his car.

Source: USA Today

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