Good News (2/20) - 20 People Perform CPR for 96 Minutes

(Minnesota) – The town of Goodhue has less than 1,000 people in it and not even a traffic light.  54-year-old Howard went to buy groceries, when he fell to the sidewalk, and suffered a massive heart attack.

The grocery clerk called 911, and the only customer in the store, rushed to Howard & began performing CPR.  The owner of a body shop, across the street, heard the commotion and rushed over. As news spread through the small town, more people came to help. In total, 20 people showed up and performed CPR for 96 minutes until paramedics arrived! They just lined up and when one person was tired the next jumped in.

Howard survived and after 10 days, was released from the hospital!

Source: Sunny Skyz

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