Good News (3/28) - Good Samaritan Opens Their Door to New Dad

A Good Samaritan saved the day after a Cleveland man was left stranded at an Arizona airport with his newborn daughter because the airline said the baby was too young to fly.

Rubin Swift had just been awarded custody of his newborn daughter and flew from Ohio to Phoenix to pick her up. He says he spoke with Frontier Airlines about what he needed to do to get his newborn on the plane, which included a birth certificate and a note from the hospital saying she is clear to fly. He had all the documents, but when he reached the gate they wouldn't let him onboard.

He didn't have any money to stay somewhere or rent a car to drive back to Ohio. So he called the only person he knew in Phoenix – Joy, a volunteer he met in the NICU. She was rocking the baby when Rubin got there.Joy said, "I was rocking her when her father came in and we sort of made a connection right away."

“She actually brought me to her house and fed me and making sure my baby is alright." They stayed with Joy until the baby could fly at 7 days old.


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