Good News (4/4) - Girl With Cancer Makes Care Packages For Kids In Hospital

Having spent time in the hospital herself, seven-year-old Jenny Shaw knows what it’s like to be a kid stuck there without all the comforts of home. She has Wilms tumor, a cancer in the kidneys, and her stints in the hospital inspired her to create care packages to help other young patients get through their hospital stays.

Jenny started a GoFundMe campaign last fall and to raise money to build her care packages, which include stuffed animals, warm blankets, warm socks, and toiletries. Her Team Jenny Bean Care Bags project has raised over $59,000 of its $70,000 goal so far.

This little girl who loves giving back has just finished her final round of chemo and is getting ready to go on vacation to Hawaii through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. “We found that even in challenging times, it’s still important to give back and through giving back, you find a way to celebrate and find the silver lining in every cloud,” explains Jenny’s dad, Mike Shaw.

Source: Inside Edition

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