Disneyland: The Least Crowded Dates

Want to hit up Disneyland, but don’t want the big crowd? Here’s a list of the top 10 least crowded times at the Happiest Place on Earth.

  1. “Shanghaied” Week (2nd Week of January)
  2. “Donald’s Tire Trouble” Week (Last Week of January)
  3. “The Big Wash” Week (1st Week of February)
  4. “Playful Pluto” Week (1st Week of March)
  5. “All In A Nutshell” Week (Labor Day Week)
  6. “King Neptune” Week (2nd Week of September)
  7. “How to Play Football” Week (3rd Week of September)
  8. “The Clock Store” Week (Last Week of September)
  9. “Winter” Week (Last Week of October)
  10. "The Haunted House" Week (Week After Thanksgiving)

Read more about each week HERE


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