Good News (5/8) - Parents Sign Organ Donor Papers, Son Wakes Up

A family in Alabama is celebrating because their 13-year-old who was hospitalized with a severe brain injury has regained consciousness. Trenton McKinley suffered seven skull fractures when a small utility trailer he was in flipped over two months ago and his parents had just signed papers to donate his organs because they thought he wasn’t going to make it, but then he miraculously woke up.

In the days following his accident, he was barely breathing and doctors told his mother, Jennifer Reindl, her son would never be normal again, if he survived. She ultimately agreed to sign papers to donate Trenton’s organs to children waiting for transplants.

But a day before doctors were going to take Trenton off of life support, he began showing signs of brain activity. He started breathing on his own and woke up speaking full sentences in late March. Now he’s got a long road of recovery ahead, but he’s getting there.

Source: Fox News

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