Neuroscientist Identifties Most Uplifting Songs

A neuroscientist in Holland conducted a survey to find the most uplifting songs - the ones that boost your mood. Based on his analysis, here’s the list of the most uplifting songs:

1. QUEEN - Don't Stop Me Now

2. ABBA - Dancing Queen

3.THE BEACH BOYS - Good Vibrations

4. BILLY JOEL - Uptown Girl

5. SURVIVOR - Eye of the Tiger

6. THE MONKEES - I'm a Believer

7. CYNDI LAUPER - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

8. BON JOVI - Living on a Prayer

9. GLORIA GAYNOR - I Will Survive

10. KATRINA & THE WAVES - Walking on Sunshine

Honorable mentions:

1. AC/DC: You Shook Me All Night Long

2. THE CULT: Love Removal Machine3. ROLLING STONES: Start Me Up

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